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The Recovery of Messerschmitt Bf 109s from Russia

The ordeal of bringing these warbirds back from the wilds of Russia is indeed a story in itself. With the demise of the Soviet Union, Russia promised to be a treasure-trove for warbird enthusiasts seeking relics of WWII. It was easy to imagine large numbers of aircraft abandon and forgotten on remote battlefields or gathering dust in unused storehouses. The prospect of purchasing a few of these treasures from the cash starved Russians seemed like an ideal opportunity for an adventurer like Gordon Page of Warbird Recovery. However, as Page learned firsthand, trying to accomplish anything in Russia was never easy. In a country where buying dinner was a potentially dangerous situation, attempting to acquire some rare old airframes was a sheer test of will.

In his book "Warbird Recovery" author Gordon Page recounts the entire experience of rescuing these Messerschmitt Bf 109s from Russia. His book provides an interesting look at the extreme lengths that are sometimes necessary to obtain rare aircraft. The recovery of these Messerschmitts required two trips to Russia and many ups and many downs before any hope of a deal to purchase the WWII era warbirds was accomplished. Even after the aircraft were paid for, transporting them required a great deal of effort, trust and faith before a shipping container finally arrived at the door of the Warbird Recovery hangar.

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Warbird Recovery is committed to the International recovery and restoration of rare and historic military aircraft. All aircraft acquired by Warbird Recovery are intended to be restored to flying condition and will be displayed at the Warbird Recovery Facility in Broomfield, Colorado. In addition, Warbird Recovery works with Museums and private collectors worldwide to help fill their collection needs. Warbird Recovery is always looking for additions to the collection and would welcome any information on locations of military aircraft or parts that might be of interest. Visit the Warbird Recovery website or call (303) 460-1156.