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Here is a collection of some of our favorite Me 262 and/or Luftwaffe-related resources on the World Wide Web.  If you know of others that we have overlooked, drop us a line and we'll add them to the list.

These links were last updated/validated on January 2008.


Many of the historic aircraft mentioned on this site can be seen elsewhere on the web. Here are a few of the organizational sites that are worth a look:

The National Air & Space Museum The world's leading aviation museum and home of a beautifully restored Me 262A-1a/R7, the former 888.   Follow this related link to the Garber Facility at Silver Hill.

The United States Air Force Museum A truly world-class military aviation museum and home of a Me 262A-1a, the former 111.

Planes of Fame Ed Maloney's renowned air museum was for decades the home of the only Me 262A-1a (formerly /U3) in a private collection, the former 444. Note: Although we have retained this link, the aircraft in question was sold to another collector in the fall of 2000. More details to follow as we have them.

The Air Victory Museum The Air Victory Museum is an educational organization dedicated to inspiring today’s youth through the technology and achievements in aviation history.


For in-depth coverage of Me 262 development, combat service and/or unit histories, we highly recommend the latest titles from our colleagues at Classic Publications (UK).

Ruy Horta's 12 O'clock High Discussion Board is, without a doubt, the historian's best single-source interactive resource for general Luftwaffe issues.  When it comes to the men and machines of the Luftwaffe, 12 O'clock High is simply the most active, the most comprehensive and the most respected discussion forum on the World Wide web.  

If you are looking for the best information on archival holdings around the world (specifically those that pertain to the Luftwaffe), look no further than the Luftwaffe Archives Group (LWAG).  This resource provides the most comprehensive information on the subject to be found anywhere ... online or in print.


There are also a number of personal sites that deal with the Messerschmitt 262, the Luftwaffe or early jets in general.  Here are a few of the most noteworthy ...

Legend Flyers Me 262 Project The official web site of the ongoing Messerschmitt Me 262 production program near Seattle, Washington. 

Black Shadow Aviation The warbirds and parts connection. Black Shadow serves as a clearinghouse for warbird collectors and enthusiasts around the world.

Das Flugzugarchiv der Deutschen Luftwaffe A well-designed site from Germany with some truly exceptional content.  Features a very good Me 262 section.

Eagles Over Norway A very well-researched site that provides detailed information on archival research in Germany and the UK, Luftwaffe losses, and much more!

Experten Decals While not purely an enthusiast site, Experten has a worldwide reputation for outstanding scholarship and unrivalled expertise when it comes to the Me 262.

Flugwerk GmbH This German-based company is involved in some of the most exciting warbirds reproduction projects anywhere. Need an Fw 190 or Arado 96 kit, or an Me 109 airframe? Call Flugwerk!

JG-300 This German site is dedicated to the former pilots and machines of JG-300.  Includes an excellent reference section, with loss lists and personnel rosters, etc.

Hafner's Aviation Archive  The net's single best resource for Luftwaffe operating manuals and handbooks.

Hugo Junkers Home Page A German site dedicated to Prof. Hugo Junkers and the Junkers Flugzeugwerke AG. Contains information on aircraft, engines, museums and more.

HyperScale  The preeminent site dedicated to advanced scale modeling projects, particularly strong in the area of Luftwaffe aircraft and markings.

Luft '46 Offers an intriguing look at "what might have been."  Nowhere online will you find this material covered any better. 

Luftwaffe 1939-1945  A leading resource for serious historians in search of German Order of Battle info, Flugzeugbestand und Bewegungsmeldungen data, and peer research reports.

Luftwaffe Resources Page The premier collective resource for "all things Luftwaffe" on the World Wide Web.  Great material.

Preserved Axis Aircraft  A tremendous resource for locating surviving Axis aircraft around the world ... including the Me 262.

Ruy Horta's Luftwaffe Site  An exceptional resource for information on everything from aircraft marking data to armament and book reviews.

Spitfire and Messerschmitt Bf 109  An interesting comparative examination of two of the finest piston engined fighters to come out of WWII.

Stormbirds At War  A preeminent resource for "all-things-262." Features include dedicated sections for everything from cockpit checkouts and flight sims to scale models.

Sturmvogel An interesting resource for information on the European Axis and neutral Air Forces of the Second World War.

Third Reich Factbook  A vast wealth of information on the Luftwaffe, and the Third Reich in general.  Includes a superb links section!  This Austrian bilingual e-zine offers news and reports on the latest warbird projects and much, much more.

Warbird Recovery  A Denver-based organization dedicated to finding and restoring rare vintage warplanes like the Bf 109 series.



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