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Here is a collection of some of our favorite aviation resources on the World Wide Web.  If you know of others that we have overlooked, drop us a line at and we'll add them to the list.

Note: We generally have omitted major manufacturers links here, as it is usually a fairly straightforward matter to find sites like or  (both of which we certainly recommend).

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AeroWeb The internationally acclaimed Aviation Enthusiast Corner.

Aviation Archeology  An information clearing-house on various aviation archeology projects. Recommended!

Aviation Directory  An excellent new directory service catering exclusively to aviation sites.

   The official website of an aviation legend!

Ghost Wings   The magazine where untold aviation stories come to life.

Jay Miller Aviation Photography  A spectacular online gallery drawn from Miller's personal collection.

Stalag 13 Aviation Links  One of the best selections of aviation links you'll find anywhere in the web.

The Hangar  An online storefront specializing in Army Aviation and helicopter items.

Wight Air Wrecks A UK-based site specializing in military aircraft losses and recoveries in and around the Isle of Wight.

Working Group for Air War History A site dedicated to information about the 193901945 airwar and related crash recovery efforts in the Eifel area, near Belgium. Currently only in the German language.

"Dad" Rarey's WWII Squadron Journals  A heartwarming look at a WWII fighter pilot's life in a P-47 squadron ... not to be missed!

Flying Clippers  A thoroughly engaging site dedicated to preserving the glamour and adventure of Pan Am's commercial flying ships during the "Golden Age" of flight.  Recommended!

Historic Wings  A very well-designed online magazine with something for everyone.  A must-see.

AOPA  Home of the Aircraft Owners and Pilot's Association.

Classic Jet Aircraft Association  A nonprofit group committed to the safe and continued operation of privately-owned ex-military jet aircraft from around the world.

EAA  Official site of the Experimental Aircraft Association: the world leader in recreational aviation.

Order of Daedalians  The fraternal order of America's finest commissioned military aviators.

Swiss Army Noncommissioned Officer's Association What does this link have to do with aviation?  Absolutely nothing ... but we really like these guys.

The Stormbirds ANNEX  An online storefront specializing in late war Luftwaffe themed apparel items, commemoratives, display models, prints, books and more.

The Aviation Art Hangar Fine aviation art from aviation enthusiasts, for aviation enthusiasts.

Aviation Superstore  Pilot supplies, software, flight simulators ... it's all there.

Check 6 Aviation  The worldwide flight gear connection.   Without peer.

Hafner's Aviation Archive  The net's single best resource for Luftwaffe operating manuals and handbooks.

Leisure Galleries  A favorite source for the finest in limited edition aviation art, signed memorabilia (including photos, documents and books) and related collectibles.

Military Gallery  The world's leading publisher of fine aviation art.  The exclusive distributor for Robert Taylor, Nicholas Trudgian, Robert Watts ... need we really say any more??

PlaneGrafx This exciting new site offers premium quality renderings of historic aircraft, each customized according to the customer's specifications.

SpitFire Art  This UK-based firm offers the net's most extensive collection of limited edition aviation art.

Tom Tullis Art  Home of one of the America's most gifted aviation illustrators.

UGA Media  A European publisher of military aircraft web sites and CD-ROMs

US Wings  Everything any self-respecting aviator could possibly desire ... all in one place.  Need a new A-2 or crush cap?  Look no farther than US Wings.

Wings Fine Arts  A comprehensive supplier of limited edition aviation prints with a well-earned reputation for excellence and customer loyalty.

Classic Publications  The world's foremost publisher of premium-quality Luftwaffe history titles.

Helion Books  The world's largest selection of WWII titles, specializing in  German language books.  Try their free book search service.

Monogram Aviation Publications  The preeminent publisher of authoritative aviation history books and highly-celebrated color guides.

Schiffer Books  One of America's best-known publishers of military history titles.

Stone & Stone Books  An excellent source for a wide variety of Second World War books ... if they don't have it, they can surely find it.


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