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Got a head full of useless facts about aviation history and the Luftwaffe?  Does your wife think you are crazy for studying old planes that have long since been turned into BMWs?  Is  finding that long out-of-print Luftwaffe book an emotional event for you?  Well, if so, this page is for you ... now you can turn all of your acquired expertise into a legitimate form of entertainment with the new Experten Challenge!


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The Experten Challenge is a progressive 25 question quiz of late-war Luftwaffe legends, lore and facts.  In keeping with our theme here at Stormbirds, you'll see the Messerschmitt 262 disproportionately represented, but take heed ... all late-war topics are fair game.

For each correct answer, you will receive one point.  One point will be deducted from your score for each incorrect answer.  Questions not answered due to time constraints will be scored as incorrect.  Time passes VERY quickly, so make sure that you keep an eye on the countdown timer as you go along. 

You will be confronted with a random succession of questions drawn from an extensive bank, so no two sessions will ever be exactly alike.  Difficulty levels will vary considerably throughout the challenge.  Most questions will require only a single answer, while a few will call for multiple responses.   Hint:  use the keyboard -- not the mouse -- to enter your answers. 

Play alone if you wish, or grab a few friends and match wits in a full-blown competition.  When finished, make a mental note of your overall score and evaluate your performance using the chart below.  Note: When you get to the last few questions, pay close attention to your score as you go along.  Upon completing the challenge, the final score will appear only for a second or two, and it is very easy to miss it!  Horrido!







100% A+ Feldmarschall
21 to 24 90% A Generalleutnant
15 to 20 80% A- Generalmajor
11 to 14 70% B+ Oberst
5 to 10 60% B Oberstleutnant
1 to 4 50% B- Major
-5 to 0 40% C+ Hauptmann
-9 to -6 30% C Oberleutnant
-15 to -10 20% C- Leutnant
-19 to -16 10% D Oberfeldwebel
-25 to -21 0% F Feldwebel



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