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We appreciate your interest in helping us better serve our online audience, and try hard to be an accessible and responsive group.  Please understand, however, that we receive literally scores of e-mails on a daily basis, and it is often impossible for us to respond to each and every inquest. Even in those cases where we do make an effort to reply, it may take us some time to provide you with the answers and/or support that you are requesting.  

Please do us the great favor of thoroughly reviewing the site in question before writing.  You will often find that we have anticipated your question and included a satisfactory answer within the pages of the site.  We do not wish to discourage anyone from writing, but it can be rather depressing to have to spend a weekend responding to e-mail queries that cover the same points as the material that we've already prepared for you.  For this reason, we have broken down our feedback channels according to two categories: technical/historical questions and general comments regarding the site itself.

Perhaps you would just like to forward a few remarks that do not necessarily require a response ... we would be delighted to hear from you too!  This table provides an "at a glance" overview of the division of labor here at Stormbirds.  Obviously, some of us tend to be busier than others, but we all are committed to providing you with the very best historical Me 262 resource on the World Wide Web.


Specific Site Point(s) of Contact (general) Chuck Petrie
The Me 262 Project Jim Byron, Chuck Petrie
Stormbirds At War Jamie Iverson
Stormbirds Forums Chuck Petrie
Watson's Whizzers Chuck Petrie
The Photo Recon Center Gordon Permann, Chuck Petrie
WNr Resource Center Dan O'Connell, Chuck Petrie
Experten Decals Dave Wadman, Chuck Petrie
White 1 Restoration Jamie Iverson
Luftwaffe Archives Group Richard Eger, Chuck Petrie
Eagles Over Norway Andreas Brekken




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