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My, how the years have flown!

Much has happened over the last 10 years in the lives of the Webmasters of We have made many new friends, and, sadly, have had to say good-bye to some very good friends that have departed on their final flight. It has been amazing to see the technological changes over the years with the web and the computers we use. At the same time, life has gone by at a blistering pace. Kids have grown, careers have changed, moves have been made.

However, through it all, it has always been a pleasure to contribute the time and effort to build this site and see the excellent work of the Me 262 Project. We've considered it an honor to show the happenings at Legend Flyers and also the wartime Me 262 pilots and history of the Messerschmitt Me 262.

We also admit that has been in relative "autopilot" over the last few years. Unfortunately, other priorities have limited the time spent on developing this site. We hope to make some progress in 2008.

However, the Me 262 Project is always current with the latest information available. The same is true for the separate White 1 Foundation site and our very own


To see the latest at the Me 262 Project, view the Me 262 Project Updates page.


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