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Andreas Brekken
Andreas Brekken
Andreas Brekken
Andreas Brekken
Andreas Brekken

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December 1999

Legal matters
All information published on this website are protected by law. The copyright belong to Andreas Brekken. The information are either the result of Andreas Brekken' own research or donated to the author with permission to publish. The author encourage the use of information on this website for further research. According to press ethics, it is allowed to quote information from these pages, with reference to the source.

Commercial use of the information without permission from Andreas Brekken is not allowed.

The author
Andreas Brekken is an active researcher of WWII airwar. His emphasis is:

  • Luftwaffe, allied and soviet aerial operations over and from Norway and Finland
  • Personnel and aircraft of fighter units JG 1, JG 5, JG 11, II./JG 77
  • Personnel and aircraft of allied and soviet units operating in the area
  • Luftwaffe loss records
  • Allied and soviet loss records
  • Restoration of historical aircraft

Andreas Brekken is a member of the following resource groups:

  • IPMS Norway (including Luftwaffe SIG, Fleet Air Arm SIG)
  • Norsk Flyhistorisk Forening (NFF)
  • Kjeller Flyhistoriske Forening (KFF)
  • Luftwaffe Verband
  • Luftwaffe Archives & Records Reference Group (LWAG)