Who is this pilot of JG 5?

This photograph show an unidentified pilot with rank of Feldwebel, posing in front of a Bf 109 at Petsamo in 1943. It is one of a series of photographs which Rune Rautio has in his collection.

I have been speculationg that the pilot is from 7. Staffel, due to the lion emblem on his Abschusstock, and the white code of the aircraft in the background. I count at least 6 (and the top of a 7th?) on his Abschusstock. On his tunic I can identify the Verwundetenabzeichen (Wound badge), Iron Cross (1st class), Luftwaffe Pilot badge and Luftwaffe Day Fighter Clasp. The to ribbon bars beneath the Day Fighter Clasp would be a Luftwaffe service medal on the left, while the right one is unidentified by me (probably a commemorative badge from a certain front/operation). 

Please help with the identification!

Posted for Rune Rautio