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Experten Decals ED-3 August 2001


Fw 190 D-11 "Rote 4", JV 44

Subsequent to the publication of this book (1) and a commissioned journal article (2), new information was discovered that provided further insights on the history of this aircraft, Rote 4 of JV 44. It is now believed that this aircraft originally served with General Galland's Vebandesführerschule, Stab General der Jagdflieger (3). Other D-11 aircraft from the very limited 220000-Werknummer production series (~20 aircraft) are known to have served with this unit, all having the distinctive Stab Winkel (chevron) marking ahead aircraft number, both painted in white (4, 5). (This Stab marking should be painted ahead of the "58" as per the photos prior to the application of the JV 44 number "4" decal). Of all the known photos of D-11 aircraft, only Rote 4 has a distinctive camouflage scheme unlike the others (1,5). This, and the fact that the Fw 190 V58 aircraft remains the only D-11 prototype unaccounted for, supports our original interpretation, and later those of others (4, 6), that Rote 4 is in fact this missing Versuch aircraft, V58, WNr.170933.


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