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Experten Decals ED-2A


"Checkmate" Gelbe 3 / B3+?T, Me 262A-1a
WNr. 17030?, III./KG(J) 54.

New! Since ED-2A was first published, additional information has been revealed which has allowed us to provide updated information for "Gelbe 3". Please review the following addendum.

"Gelbe 3"


This publication focuses on a fascinating aircraft, Gelbe (Yellow) 3, whose markings confirm without a doubt the identity of one of the units with the "chequerband" tails.  Also, its distinctive camouflage provides new insights into the the surprising variability of Me 262 camouflage schemes and colors employed by the Luftwaffe during the last chaotic year of the war.


 ISBN 0-9696819-0-12



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