The latest perspectives from the production line.


We are pleased to reintroduce the photo gallery feature by posting photos of our first A-1c configured (single-seat) jet, fresh from the paint shop, along with several images from the May 2005 "General Aviation Appreciation Day" event here on the airfield. 

This plane, Tango-Tango, wears a correct late-war RLM scheme (less the tail Hakenkreuz), as specified by the Messerschmitt Foundation in Germany.

All images have been thumbnailed. Click on any photograph to view an enlarged version.


The official roll-out shot of Tango-Tango in a RLM paint scheme. Credit: Cirelli

A second view of Tango-Tango after painting. Credit: Cirelli

Front quarter view of Tango-Tango, with armament bays open. Credit: Webster

Rear quarter view of Tango-Tango. Credit: Webster

Side view of Tango-Tango, showing off the paint scheme.  Credit: Webster

Tango-Tango, along with White 1, during General Aviation Appreciation Day. Credit Webster

Front quarter view of Tango-Tango, with armament bays open.  Credit: Webster

Photographer Gary Webster with Tango-Tango in May 2005. Credit: Webster

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