The latest perspectives from the production line.


Our final update before commencement of the flight test program, this section provides a detailed look at the finish work accomplished during August and September of 2001.

All images have been thumbnailed.  Click on any photograph to view an enlarged version. 


Aft canopy rear hinge and lock details.

A view of the stripped tail section, ready for paint.

The Blue Nose airplane on August 15th, 2001.

Another view of the stripped airframe.

Detail shot of the right wing area.

The tail section after initial preparation for painting.

The nose cone, stripped of it's blue coloration for the trip to the paint shop.

3/4 view of the nearly complete jet.

Close-up of the nose section, where the dummy cannon brace will be installed.

Dave Simberger sanding the left aileron. The Red Nose jet's wing appears in the background.

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