A virtual tour of the Me 262 Project's Paine Field production facility.


This section contains a compilation of several images, many of which were originally prepared in September of 1999 for publication in two overseas periodicals.

All images have been thumbnailed. Click on any photograph to view an enlarged version.


This is the original Me 262B-1a captured by the Americans at Lechfeld as White 35. It is now the property of the U.S. Navy.

Photo shows the aircraft after bonding, sealing and initial primer coat.

This images shows the original jet's new wing assembly prior to installation. (The original wing was corroded beyond restoration.)

This photo shows a test fitting of the original jet's fuselage and the new wing assembly in a support jig.

Image shows the green, white and yellow nose airplanes in temporary storage, awaiting their turn to re-enter an active production status.

As above, only photo shows the red, white and yellow nosed airplanes. Only the last two remain in storage, as all of the other aircraft are in an active state of production.

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