A virtual tour of the Me 262 Project's Paine Field production facility.


Here we continue with our September compilation, started on the past page.

All images have been thumbnailed. Click on any photograph to view an enlarged version.


The Red Nose aircraft undergoing work in the nose compartment and gun bay area.

This aircraft is to be completed as a one or two place conversion model.

The next two images provide fore and aft views of the Blue Nose airplane undergoing an extensive electrical system checkout.

Continuing the electrical system checkout.

The tinted primer markings on this aircraft are temporary, and not indicative of the planned delivery scheme.

Two project technicians at work on the last wing spar. In this view, the spar cap is being fitted and riveted into position.

A close up view of the cockpit instrument panel and pilot's compartment. The instrument panel shown in this recent test fitting is an original panel from a wartime Me 262.

New instrumentation is being manufactured to precisely duplicate the appearance of the original dial faces and instrument cases.


TIP:  For more information, follow this link to read an Everett Herald article on the project.


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