A virtual tour of the Me 262 Project's Paine Field production facility.


Here we begin a new series with images of the facility taken by Mr. Richard T. Eger during his recent technical assistance visit.

For a detailed overview of Eger's trip, be sure to read his guest review here on the site.

All images have been thumbnailed.  Click on any photograph to view an enlarged version. 


This set of walk-around photos shows the original Me 262B-1a owned by the U.S. Navy during the final phases of its restoration.

This aircraft was captured by the Allies at its base in Lechfeld, Germany and was used to train American pilots on the flight characteristics of the Me 262.

See the Watson's Whizzers site for more information on this mission.

These images were taken just prior to this jet's trip to the paint shop for reapplication of its wartime marking scheme.

See the White 35 page for the latest views of this aircraft.

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