A virtual tour of the Me 262 Project's Paine Field production facility.


This page is a continuation of the picture series taken by Mr. Richard T. Eger during his technical assistance visit.

For a detailed overview of Eger's trip, be sure to read his guest review here on the site.

All images have been thumbnailed. Click on any photograph to view an enlarged version. 



View of the storage area, revealing the last three uncommitted jets: Green Nose (foreground), White Nose and Yellow Nose.

As active contracts are issued against these aircraft, they will reenter the production line.



View of the same three aircraft, except this time facing left.


Again, a basic shop view of the inactive aircraft.

In this shot the two-place configuration of the Yellow Nose machine is clearly visible.



Generally, as above; however, this image gives a slightly better view of the single seat machine (WNr 501245) with the canopy open.


View inside of the production bay. On the left is Red Nose, with Blue Nose at right.

In the background, a wing assembly is visible undergoing hydraulic testing of the main landing gear.

For more information, follow this link to read an Everett Herald article on the project.


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