A virtual tour of the Me 262 Project's Paine Field production facility.


This is the final installment in our photo series from Mr. Richard T. Eger.

For a detailed overview of Eger's trip, be sure to read his guest review here on the site.

  All images have been thumbnailed. Click on any photograph to view an enlarged version. 



This image reveals the front and rear cockpits of WNr 501241 (Blue Nose).

This aircraft has been fitted with a more contemporary avionics package at the request of its future owner.


Another cockpit photo, this time showing WNr 501243 (Red Nose).

This machine is destined for Germany, and has been equipped with accurate reproductions of the Me 262's original instrumentation package.


The two aircraft in active production as of the spring of 2000: werknummern 501241 & 501243 (Blue and Red Nose).

Blue Nose will be the first to enter the flight test phase next year.

Wing hydraulic testing of the main landing gear.

Exhaustive tests are being conducted to insure that any weaknesses in the original German design have been adequately addressed.



Another view of the main landing gear test rigging.


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