Progress information on individual aircraft and sub-variants.

The project has three distinct aircraft variants (see configuration table, below).   Each of these airframes carries an original factory designation which corresponds to the basic design (A-1c or B-1c as appropriate).

NOTE: The "c" suffix refers to the new J-85 powerplant and has been informally assigned with the approval of the Messerschmitt Foundation in Germany.  During the war, all operational Me 262s were "a" models, which signified installation of the Jumo 004 engine.  Experimental "b" models used the BMW 003 powerplant, leaving "c" as the next unassigned letter.

Progression Table:

Werk Nummer Type or Configuration TAF Name Me 262 Project Name Registration Number Location
501241 Me 262 B-1c
(two seater)
Blue Nose
"White 1"
JG 7
501244 Me 262 A/B-1c
(conversion) **
Red Nose
Red 13
Tango-Tango N262MS*
Me 262 A-1c
(single seater)
Green Nose
White 3
Me 262 B-1c
(two seater)
White Nose
501243 Me 262 A/B-1c
(conversion) **
Yellow Nose
White 8

*  U.S Registration deregistered 01/18/2006

** Denotes a conversion variant. This model has been designed to be readily re-configurable between single-place and two-place models without sacrificing airframe authenticity or structural integrity.

Note: Nose colors and other temporary markings have been applied for ease of identification only, and have no bearing upon the final marking schemes planned for any of these aircraft.

Configuration Table:

1. Me 262 A-1c Single-seat fighter variant 1 airframe
2.  Me 262 B-1c Two-seat trainer variant 2 airframes
3. Me 262 A/B-1c Conversion (single or two-seat) variant 2 airframes

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