Status Report No. 1:  08 September 1999.


With nice weather finally reaching Seattle in July, outdoor work on Blue Nose and Red Nose provided sunshine, warmth, close well-lit inspections and progress.  This change in weather accompanied all the five-day a week indoor work done through the long, wet winter by the Project's team.

Activities applicable to both Red Nose and Blue Nose

1.  Contracts were let with Hill Stamping of Auburn, Washington to build new inboard flaps.  This is the same company which received an earlier contract to build new slats.

2.  Engine casing castings detailed inspections revealed several cracks and fissures in the surface material.  Each casing is being disassembled and each casting is being examined for additional damage.  All of these castings will be repaired.

3.  The fuel system design is continuing.  A fuel tank mock-up is being fabricated from foam core to obtain the proper fit and to achieve maximum dimensions.  Modifications will be made to this mock-up before final manufacturing of the welded aluminum fuel tanks is started.

4.  An original pitot tube was obtained from the Planes of Fame Museum in Chino, California and it is being reverse-engineered with drawings and materials.  This work is being done at the Manufacturing Laboratory of North Dakota State University.  The brass material has been received and sent on to NDSU.

5.  Contracts have been let with All Fab Aerospace to fabricate the upper forward and aft, wing-to-nacelle fairings.

6.  Contracts have been let with All Fab Aerospace for new welded aluminum wing tips which are presently in the final forming and trimming stage.

7.  New welded aluminum stabilizer tips have been received from Al Fab Aerospace.

8.  Main landing gear and nose landing gear components have been cad plated at our vendor in Seattle.

9.  An original underwing antenna mast has been borrowed from Planes of Fame Museum and a contract has been let to have it duplicated.

Activities applicable to Blue Nose only

1.  The wing assigned to the Blue Nose airplane has been completely inspected.  Over 500 deficiencies in manufacture have been highlighted.  The repair plan is finalized with at least one month's worth or re-work expected.  The re-work has started.  

2.  The modified "horse collar" nose gear wheel well reinforcement has been reinstalled in the airplane.

3.  Structural inspection of the fuselage is nearly complete and re-work has started.

Activities applicable to Red Nose only

1.  Landing gear strut fairings have been released (drawings and material provided) to North Dakota State University's Manufacturing Laboratory.  These critical machined parts were not available in our current inventories.

2.  The "horse collar" nose gear wheel well reinforcement has been received back from our vendor after modification.

Editor's note:  Periodical references are made in these progress reports to certain deficiencies of manufacture which must be re-worked.  The faults described are the result of a previous subcontractor's work, and are in no way connected to the fabrication activities of the team at Paine Field.



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