Status Report No. 2: 04 November 1999.


The engineering and manufacturing activities accomplished during the month of October 1999, as follows:

Major Wing Rework

The structural repairs and rework of the skin and internal structure are complete.  The last steps of the process have been replacing the nonstandard fasteners that were in the center section of the spar.

The wing structure is complete and currently undergoing landing gear retraction testing (minus the doors and hard plumbing).  Gear is working well with no interferences.

The items remaining to be addressed:

1.  Replacement of the bushings in the aileron control horns with bearings.

2.  Fitting the aileron and trim tabs.

3.  Assembling and fitting the flap control rods and actuator.

4.  Fitting flaps and operational testing.

5.  Fitting inner gear doors and actuator.

Wing to Body Fairing

The wing to body fairing is composed of three sections.  The middle section has been subcontracted to our supplier All Fab.  The front section is currently being removed from the Me 262 airplane at Planes of Fame Museum and will be loaned to CFII so that we can make a pattern and then build parts.  The aft section is available on the NASM airplane and we are negotiating with them to loan us this piece.  We will then make a pattern and build parts.

Fuel Systems

The mock-up pump has been completed at Lear-Romec and they are sending it to us from their plant in Ohio, USA.  Once we have this pump we will check for fit and function with the mockup fuel tanks we already have on site.

Hydraulic System Mockup

The mock-up apparatus plumbing was updated by replacing small diameter lines with .350 ID lines.  The 5 port distribution valve was added to the mock-up board.  The 24v C motor/pump and distribution were wired to a control board (part of the mock-up apparatus) to more closely represent the controls in the airplane.

The mock-up was tested by connecting it to the main landing gear in the production wing.  The results were as follows:

1.  The distribution valve is functioning as designed.

2.  The landing gear closing and opening time is approximately 18 seconds.  (Note: This time will increase when the nose gear is integrated to the mains).

Wing Tip Lens Light

The wing tip assembly is being held for completion of the fiberglass tool to build the light and lens assemblies.  The tool has been started and is currently going through the "lay-up" construction phase.

Flaps and Slats

The leading edge slat and mid-flap test parts recently arrived from our supplier, Hill Stamping.  An on-site visual fit up was conducted and minor changes to the assemblies were noted and changes will be put into the remaining parts for the rest of the airplanes.  Delivery of these revised parts is scheduled for the end of this month.

Aft Engine Thrust Bulb - "Onion"

The after engine and thrust burst bulb (referred to as the "onion") was removed from the Jumo engine.  It has been sanded and the major dents/holes sanded and filled.  A new fiberglass supplier has been located and will produce the difficult assemblies from a two-part mold.

On the production airplanes, these fiberglass parts will serve as "plugs" to be inserted in the aft engine opening while the airplane is on the ground.


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