Our fundamental objective here is to present rare, unusual or unpublished images pertaining to late-war Luftwaffe aircraft and equipment.  The images are drawn from many sources, including private collections, archives, and the files of our readership. 

In most cases, when we first post a photo (or series of photos) very little is known about it.  The subject aircraft, location, unit and origin of the images are frequently a complete mystery, and this is where our readers make a crucial difference.  By applying our collective knowledge to the identification of these photos, we are often able to reconstruct these details with a high degree of certainty.

Many photographs depicting derelict airframes and forgotten scrap heaps have begun to emerge from the personal collections of many veterans, and this has given rise to renewed emphasis upon photo analysis.  

It has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words, and this adage is especially true in the case of these images.  So, while they may be of little interest to the average layman, they yield a wealth of obscure details to aviation historians.

What do the experts see here?  Each tends to add another piece to the overall puzzle according to his specialty, but most look for predictable indicators: subtle unit markings, half-concealed werknummern, wreck sites, seasonal clues, terrain features, and aircraft modifications.  It is the synergistic effect of many experts applying their talents in concert that makes this such an effective research tool.

Technical note:  Images are generally available for viewing at 400 and 600 pixels width; however, in many cases you may follow the links provided to view them at  higher resolutions (1,000 pixels width).  

The input of our readership is crucial to making this resource work.  If you have images to share with fellow researchers or captioning information for an existing image, please contact us.  

Our special thanks to "the usual suspects" for their regular and valued contributions to this resource:  Dan, Walt, RichardČ, DaveČ and Eric.

-- G. Permann, C.Petrie
January 2000

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