Captured USAAF Me 262B-1a / FE-610.

Despite all that we have learned about the Nachtjäger (night-fighter) Me 262 variants, some fundamental questions remain.  The radar operator's electronics suite is one such area where detailed information has proven exceedingly difficult to come by.

These postwar photos of FE-610, captured by the United States Army Air Forces, reveal an as yet unidentified component mounted to the canopy above the boxy FuG 16ZY radio.  While long thought to be a part of the onboard Neptune RADAR equipment, a recent dialogue on the matter over on the Stormbirds Forum has since called this into question.

So ... the question remains: what is mounted to the canopy just above the FuG 16ZY console?  Is it the FuG 350 "Naxos" Zc, a Spanner night vision system or perhaps some other device fitted by the Allies during postwar testing?

If you feel that you can positively identify it, please contact our staff archivist Richard Eger.  If possible, please try to include references to any relevant photographs, schematics, charts or original documents that may help to support your conclusions.



Right aft view of FE-610



Right side view of FE-610


Right front view of FE-610


Left aft view of FE-610


Left left view of FE-610


Right side view of FE-610


Front left view of FE-610


Frontal view of FE-610


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