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W  E  B  M  A  S  T  E  R  '  S    N  O  T   E  S

As alluded to elsewhere, the information presented on the site has been derived from a great many original sources over a period of several years.  Herein lies the "method to the madness:" 

Extensive interviews were conducted with each of the surviving pilots, and these men continue to participate in regular "follow up" inquiries as new information comes to light.  (The webmaster was also able to conduct the only collective interview to involve three of these men in a single session.)

Detailed questionnaires were distributed at various times to the mission participants.

More than two-dozen research trips have been made to official archives and/or private collections in Alabama, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Washington D.C. and elsewhere.

Over 5,000 documents, photographs, maps, charts and other exhibits pertaining to these men and their mission have been collected, catalogued and/or analyzed.

Hundreds of letters, notes, e-mails and telephone calls have been passed to and from mission participants, other veterans of the era, museum curators, historians, enthusiasts, authors and publishers in the United States and abroad.

Specific cooperation with a core group of subject matter experts has played a key role.  A debt of gratitude is due the late Jeffrey L. Ethell for his advice and early encouragement to pursue this story beyond his own respectable efforts.  Also, David E. Brown of Experten Research has proven himself a knowledgeable and important colleague in this research.

Finally, a very special thanks goes to aviation history authority Norman Malayney for his instrumental role in unearthing many of the details of this operation.  In so doing, he should be credited with laying much of the groundwork for this account.  From the sheer volume of material that he alone seems able to find, to his refreshingly obsessive regard for accuracy, I have never seen his equal.



The author is a career officer in the United States Army, presently assigned as an assault helicopter pilot with the 1st Armored Division in the Federal Republic of Germany.  He is currently involved in a collaborative effort to publish a detailed account of the Army Air Force Technical Intelligence & Exploitation efforts during the Second World War.


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