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Roy Brown was born and raised in rural Illinois, the son of an electrical and mechanical engineer.  He spent many of his early years in a one-room schoolhouse, and by his own estimation, he had a "fairly uneventful" childhood.  

During the war, Roy graduated with a chemical engineering degree from the  Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), completed flight training, and did a stateside stint as a flight instructor before being sent overseas in November of 1944.  Assigned to the 526th Squadron of the 86th Fighter Group, Roy logged 84 missions over the course of his tour in the P-47.  Late in the war, when his flight was jumped by German fighters, Roy got into a turning battle with a  Fw 190D.  He made several firing passes on the Focke Wulf, until his adversary was finally forced to bail out of his stricken plane.  When the LUSTY project was unfurled, Roy was summoned for an interview at Command Headquarters in Frankfort, and quickly selected.  He returned with the others aboard the H.M.S. Reaper, and left the service in September, 1945.

Roy returned to his old job with Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company where, after a number of years as a research engineer, he was placed in charge of the design and development of aircraft "Iceguards."  Later, he was involved in a special defense-related project for Goodyear, and retired as Technical Division Manager in 1983.

These days, Roy maintains a busy schedule.  In addition to his usual routines, he serves as a local liaison for his alma mater (MIT), and has been an informal consultant for the CFII Me 262 Project, having regularly visited the production line while it was in Texas.  Roy also happens to adhere to a physical conditioning regimen that would challenge most able-bodied folks half his age.  He and his wife Fran reside in the Midwest and enjoy traveling, volunteer work, and visiting with family.


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